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Special Thanks



for the help with the startup in several areas so that I can have a very good beautiful start 
this company supports the starting entrepreneurship 

This company has good prices, fast delivery and their aftercare and technical support is very good. 


This is the right brand if you need NEN3140 Test devices 
the Metrel MI 3360 OmegaGT XA in combination with A 1322 Active 3-phase Adapter this device makes my life as a inspector many times easier

With the Flir DM 285 I can do my job even better because of the built-in thermal camera. I can make a diagnosis faster and with the practical Flir app I can transmit my measured data and thermal images to my customers without any problems. 


this supplier's delivery is fast and for both fasteners tools and machines, s 
also for parts of my festool machine, they are the supplier of choice 


This supplier has a large stock of machine, s in their warehouse so they can quickly deliver through their online shop easy ordering clear and concise handling of your order and if necessary it can always be picked up at the branch in Tilburg 


If you're talking about personal fall protection then tractel is the brand of choice. I personally use their systems. 
Their measuring instruments such as the load cell are lightweight, easy and clear to use. 

stairs ladders from this supplier are lightweight meet all current requirements they give clear advice for you to choose the right ladder for the job 

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